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Tue, November 21 2017

Staying in Shape in Space

Just like athletes everywhere, astronauts have to keep in shape both on Earth and in space. Due to the lack of gravity in space, astronauts experience a decrease in muscle mass and bone density. 

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NASA astronaut Sunita Williams exercises on a treadmill aboard the ISS.
Mon, October 16 2017

Astronaut Shares Challenges Faced in Space

Italian Astronaut Paolo Nespoli talk to the STEM in 30 team about the different challenges he has faced in space during his time on the International Space Station.

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The International Space Station (ISS)
Tue, October 3 2017

How Extreme Temperatures Affect Spacewalks

In the latest episode of ISS Science, Astronaut Randy Bresnik explains some of the challenges astronauts face during spacewalks including extreme temperatures. Then, we stimulate the effects of extreme temperatures on metals here on Earth.

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STS-130 EVA - International Space Station Cupola
Fri, July 28 2017

How the World Explores Space Together

You’ve probably heard of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), but have you heard of the Italian Space Agency or the European Space Agency? NASA works with these groups, among others, to explore the frontiers of space together. It wasn’t always this way; Russia and the United States both devoted countless resources to beating each other to space in the 1960s. But today, through shared missions and space stations, we work cooperatively to explore the final frontier.

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Final Configuration of the ISS
Tue, July 18 2017

How to Shower in Space

Showers, baths, swimming: these are all experiences most of us take for granted on Earth. There's nothing quite like experiencing the cool touch of water from the shower or jumping into a pool on a hot day. Gravity is what makes all of these experiences possible—it pushes that cool and refreshing water off your back and into the drain. But all that changes in space. The lack of gravity causes water and soapsuds to stick to everything.

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Washing Hair in Space
Thu, July 13 2017

Introducing ISS Science: How to Spot the Station

It’s not every day that an astronaut invites you to Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, to work with and film them training. But that’s exactly what Randy “Komrade” Bresnik did for the STEM in 30 team. In the following months we’ll be sharing his journey with you as he travels to the International Space Station (ISS) on Expeditions 52 and 53.

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Hosts Beth and Marty with Astronaut Bresnik
Fri, December 4 2015

A Surprise Call From Space

It’s not a typical afternoon at work when you answer the phone and hear, "Hey, Dr. Neal. It's Kjell Lindgren calling from the International Space Station." Thus began a 15-minute surprise call from the ISS Expedition 44-45 NASA astronaut. Lindgren just wanted to say that he had with him the Museum flag and Gemini IV patch that he borrowed to take in his personal preference kit. He had unpacked them and shot some photos in the cupola for us. "I'm looking forward to bringing those back to you once I get back from my mission," he said.

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NASA Astronaut Kjell Lindgren
Wed, August 19 2015

Zvezda Service Module Celebrates 15 Years in Orbit

Through the commotion of a very successful July which included the New Horizons mission to Pluto, the 40th anniversary of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the 46th anniversary of Apollo 11, and the Museum’s very first Kickstarter project, there is one anniversary that we may have inadvertently overlooked. In July, the Zvezda (Russian for “star”) module of the International Space Station (ISS) celebrated 15 years in orbit.

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Zvezda Module
Tue, August 4 2015

Nerd Camp

The door was locked, but a swipe of a security access card rewarded us with a satisfying “click.” Someone pushed the double doors open and we stepped into the laboratory. We paused for the briefest instant as my eyes, and those of my fellow campers, were transfixed on the object on the other side of the room: The Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek series.

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Team Enterprise
Thu, November 27 2014

Thanksgiving Day in Space

“Pass the turkey, please.” “Do you have room for dessert?” The elements of a traditional Thanksgiving meal are passed around in plastic pouches instead of platters and bowls, but the spirit of this holiday in space is the same as at home. Gathered around (or over!) a makeshift table, crewmates have celebrated Thanksgiving on Skylab, the Space Shuttle, the Russian Mir space station, and the International Space Station (ISS).

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Thanksgiving in Space


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