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Revenues, in Percent, FY 2019

Federal Appropriations 30.0% A pie chart illustrating revenues in the fiscal year (the information outlined in the table). Over 53% comes from contributions and private grants, another 30% from federal appropriations, and 11.9% from other including business income. Government grants and contracts is less than one percent.
Contributions & Private Grants 53.0%
Other (includes Business Income)* 11.9%
Investment Earnings 4.3%
Government Grants & Contracts 0.9%
Total Revenue 100.0%

*Business income generated through Smithsonian Enterprises and includes revenues from parking, restaurants, retail, PD&L, and other royalties.

Expenses, in Percent, FY 2019

Exhibitions 55.6% A chart showing expenses by percent in fiscal year, illustrating what's in the chart. Exhibitions is greater than 50%.
Collections Activity 12.4%
Research 7.0%
Management and Operations 7.2%
Public Programs 9.0%
Advancement 5.8%
Facilities .5%
Information Technology 2.6%
Total Expenses 100.0%