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On July 21, 1969, as millions around the world watched on television, two Americans stepped onto another world for the first time. The United States successfully landed men on the Moon and returned them safely, fulfilling President Kennedy's vision and meeting the goal that inspired manned spaceflight during the 1960s.

The lunar landing was celebrated as an epic technological achievement and a triumph of the human spirit. In the span of a lifetime, humans made a giant leap from the Wright brothers' first powered flight on Earth to the first steps on the Moon.

scene from Apollo 11 landing, with U.S. flag scene from Apollo 11 landing, with U.S. flag
163 k jpeg
NASA#: 69-HC-685
233 k jpeg
NASA#: 69-HC-682

Neil Armstrong, reflected in the helmet visor, took this photograph of Buzz Aldrin on the Moon during the Apollo 11 landing mission.
Aldrin on Moon with Armstrong reflected in helmet visor
47 k jpeg
NASA#: 69-HC-684

Pointer The Apollo 11 landing on the Moon is depicted in the lunar module exhibit around the corner to your right. Many items from all the Apollo missions are displayed in the Apollo to the Moon gallery upstairs.

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