Soar Together at Air and Space is a monthly family-focused program from the National Air and Space Museum. By engaging in these activities and experiences, families can imagine their own futures by sharing in the stories of innovators and explorers from diverse backgrounds who challenged conventions and changed the world. Each month we will focus on a different theme. 

Soar Together family days take place both in person and online. In addition to events at our Museum in DC or Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia, Soar Together activities are available online for families to participate in, no matter where they live. Activities include scavenger hunts, videos, and hands-on demonstrations learners of all ages can do at home.

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Explore Now: The Future of Transportation

Imagine air taxis and drone deliveries becoming a regular part of your neighborhood! It's all part of the exciting topic of advanced air mobility.

At this family day, you'll have a chance to delve into the technology behind these innovations, engage with the experts behind these designs, and see models of these futuristic aircraft.

Explore Now

Activities To Be Enjoyed Anytime Spacesuits Explore Now Get Ready for the Solar Eclipse Explore Now Firsts in Flight Explore Now The Importance of Teamwork Explore Now Flying in the Family Explore Now What is a Biplane? Explore Now Art Inspired by Space Explore Now Exploring Eclipses Explore Now Food on the Fly Explore Now Favorites '23 Explore Now Space Stations Explore Now Defending Earth Explore Now Curious Careers in Air and Space Explore Now All About Rockets Explore Now Messages in the Sky Explore Now From Science Fiction to Everyday Life Explore Now From Autogiros to Helicopters Explore Now Moon Missions Past and Future Explore Now Imagine Your Future Explore Now Connections by Air Explore Now Expanding Our View of the Universe Explore Now Favorites '22 Explore Now Spies in the Skies Explore Now UFOs: Fact or Fiction? Explore Now Crafty and Creative Career Connections Explore Now Creating Imaginary Worlds Explore Now Floating Airfields Explore Now What's Beyond Our Solar System Explore Now Objects Tell Stories Explore Now Finding Our Wings Explore Now NOAA in Your Life Explore Now Design Challenge Explore Now Astronomy Anywhere Explore Now 2021 Favorites Explore Now Apollo 15 Explore Now Solstice Explore Now Careers 2021 Explore Now Human Spaceflight Explore Now High Speed Flight Explore Now Exploring Other Worlds Explore Now Science Fiction Explore Now Naval Aviation Explore Now International Space Station Explore Now Balloons Explore Now World War II Explore Now

Soar Together at Air and Space is made possible by the generous support of Northrop Grumman.