We are creating new spaces for wonder, discovery, and STEAM learning for millions of visitors from around the world by reimagining 23 galleries and spaces. Here's a preview of how some of the galleries will be transformed.


At Home in Space

An immersive, highly interactive exhibition, At Home in Space takes visitors along a 40+ year journey of learning how humans can live and work in space continuously and venture beyond Earth orbit.

National Science Foundation Discovering Our Universe

National Science Foundation Discovering Our Universe illuminates how the development of new and more precise tools transformed our understanding of the origin, content, and fate of the universe.

Flight and the Arts Center

The new Flight and the Arts Center will explore the relationships between art and the transformative power of the experience of flight through both the display of our permanent collection and new and engaging temporary exhibitions.

Futures in Space

The Futures in Space exhibition will explore the potential near- and long-term futures that may emerge with advances in space exploration technology and enterprise. 

Textron How Things Fly

In the Textron How Things Fly exhibition, nearly 50 interactives work together with featured artifacts to communicate the idea that the forces of lift, weight, drag, and thrust guide the design and function of everything that flies.  

RTX Living in the Space Age

The RTX Living in the Space Age Hall will explore how innovations in space technology have transformed our lives. 

Boeing Milestones of Flight

See the Bell X-1 in the same Hall as Friendship 7! The Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall will showcase some of the museum’s most iconic objects.

Modern Military Aviation

From the outset of the Cold War to the present, aviation has redefined military power, geopolitics, and technological development. These monumental developments in aerospace technologies will be on display in the new Modern Military Aviation gallery. 

Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight

The Barron Hilton Pioneers of Flight exhibition will celebrate the pivotal era of aviation in the 1920s and 30s with a vibrant new space that will feature iconic aircraft, personal stories, an expanded footprint for hands-on learning, and a stylish new eye-catching art deco design that includes full-size murals and projections.  

World War I: The Birth of Military Aviation

The new World War I: The Birth of Military Aviation exhibition will use fascinating artifacts and the distinctive sights and sounds of early combat aircraft to tell the story of how remarkable people adapted the new technology of the airplane to warfare and changed how the world fights and flies.

Jay I. Kislak World War II in the Air

From carriers and kamikazes to flying fortresses, the Jay I. Kislak World War II in the Air exhibition will feature people and artifacts that put aviation at the center of the twentieth century’s largest and most impactful conflict and made America a superpower.